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Very Very Newbie

Hi everybody:

I’'m tired of MSN Messenger and decided to move to the Open Source world, so I searched the web and found Jive Messenger.

After downloading it I’'ve installed the package on a WinXP Professional that belongs to an intranet (192.168.0.X mask and when I get all the new stuff running I downloaded a sort of clients (Gush,Exodus and others).

I created an user and after that I tried to connect the client from other PC from the LAN but I get one message: First- CONNECTED, GETTING AUTHORIZATION (sorry perhaps the message is diferent but I´m translating from spanish) and I look in the ERROR LOGS finding the following messages:

2005.08.30 11:56:51 [org.jivesoftware.messenger.handler.IQAuthHandler.handleIQ(IQAuthHandler.java:9 0)

] Error during authentication. Session not found in for key ipauss/934b68a2

Can you help me please

Hi again:

I’'ve fixed the problem changing the NAME of the server (I put the IP address and worked fine).

Now I’'m trying to connect an MSN contact in my EXODUS client but it asks me for a GATEWAY.

I don’'t know how to get that GATEWAY, could you help me please?

Hola Alberto,

Jive Messenger does not provide gateways to legacy IM networks (eg. MSN, AIM, etc.) out of the box. That means that you will have to install an MSN gateway and connect it to Jive Messenger. Once you have the gateway up&running you will have to open Exodus and register with the gateway. Press F11, right-click on the gateway and choose Register. Registering with the gateway means that the gateway will know that your XMPP account is related to a given MSN account. Once registered, the gateway will log into the MSN network using your account so MSN users will see you online even though you are connected to an XMPP server.

The MSN gateway has been tested with JM. You can download it from here http://msn-transport.jabberstudio.org/.


– Gato

Do you really need a jabber server? Maybe just Open Source client capable to connect to MSN?