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Video Calls Spark


I have openfire installed and working. We are using the spark client. However I wanted to know how I make video calls


You can do video chat using jitsi plugin

i am providing ref link for setup and configuring jitsi plugin in openfire

HowTo: Install and configure Jitsi VideoBridge Plugin 1.2

There are also some other techniques to do it like ofmeet plugin,using candy etc

here are some threads for that

Can I use openfire for video conference?

Jitsi Videobridge Plugin for Openfire ver 1.3.0

hope it will help you

Hi Hiren

Thanks, I’ll test and give you feedback


This setup guide its valid for openfire version 4, and spakt 2.8?


i don’t know about lower version of openfire but i have 4.2 and it works fine.

I have Openfire 4.1.2 version installed, but I dont find the way to use video call on spark client, is possible the video call on spark client?


Any way to do it?

There is SparkMeet plugin in the Spark’s source. If you are a developer, you can build it and use with Openfire Meetings plugin for Openfire. I haven’t tried it and you might still need Chrome browser to run it. Spark/plugins/meet at master · igniterealtime/Spark · GitHub

You don’t need chrome browser to run it

SparkMeet - Spark Plugin for Openfire Meetings


Can you help me with the SparkMeet, please I really need that in my local network.
I have the last openfire 4.3.2 with the last plugin Openfire Meetings 4.3.2. I install this one but I cant options in my spark app.

Sorry, I don’t use Spark anymore.

Ok thanks, what client are you using now?

I need look for the way of doing the video calls

what client are you using now?


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