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Video-Chat (API) VoIP plugin Alternatives jitsi?

Hi community igniterealtime,

I tried to test some examples of Jitsi but failed.

I wonder if there is any plugin openfire java for video calls: Voice over IP (VoIP)

http://www.droid-life.com/2013/04/18/facebook-rolls-out-voip-feature-to-messenge r-app-for-android/

If Openfire can not offer me this possibility, unfortunately I’ll have to find another company more developed in this area.

Any idea?

for doing actual VOIP calls like a phone (like a skype-like service) you’re probably more interested in running an actual VOIP server like Asterisk (the defacto standard VOIP server). I think there are some plugins for Openfire, but I don’t know what they do or how integrated they are. In any event, you’ll need to learn how to setup Asterisk, etc, in addition to integrating your app with it.

We know “Asterisk” but does not include video.

We would like to include video Voip as skype.

There are some openfire plugin that meets those rules ?

We need chat (how whatssap) + Voip (video) Skype.

Now only we need VIDEO CONFERENCE only.

Good night again,

We’ve been talking about the problem of % discharge rates for the video “streaming”, usually a half has 1Gb Mobile with video calling, consume whole Gb

We believe that we can use for Voip Jingle, “no video”

We have been watching something documentation, but do not know if it is viable jingle for a conversation with the other person.

Json your counseled us to “Asterisk”, we prefer more for “Jingle”

Json do you think? It is a good idea jingle or Asterisk?

We will wait for a response before doing anything.

we need a quick answer.