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video conferencing tool that has interpreter support

My question for you is that, is it possible to develop a solution that would have multiple audio channels for interpreters on top of jitsi/openfire , especially If I will play on jitsi videobridge or their library that is responsible for this?

And my second question is can you recommend me an approach for this kind of requirement?

WebRTC allows you to have multiple audio tracks on a media stream. Jitsi by design only handles a single track in the media audio stream for each participant.

I am not sure I understand what your requirement is. What do you mean by Interpreter support? Is it a language interpreter during the conference/meeting?

Multilingual video conference or online meeting quickly, with real-time language interpretation and seamless integration to any video-enabled room. For example if we have video conferencing in English, it could be another channel in Spanish that there will be remote interpreter translate to Spanish

Is the translation by a human participant or software?
If translation is by humans, then simply use the method employed used by meetings at the United Nations. The participants mute everyone except their language translator

Thank You for your recommendation. What I want to develop is the video conference participant the language he/she listen and the translator doesn’t shown. please check the following link to understand my requirement