Video conferencing

hi, i’'m looking at implementing a IM+Video/Audio Chat with web-based jabber client (AJAX). Is this possible if i am to use wildfire as chat server and JWchat as the chat client? Has anyone successfully implemented this or is in the progress of realising this?


I did never hear of AJAX Video/Audio options. You’'ll need a plugin (flash or java) to access the audio and video devices of the client.

Wildfire will (or does already) support libjingle, Smack will support libjingle so one should be able to use a Smack java applet for audio.


Drop the “lib” from it libjingle is a C-based Windows-only implementation by Google.

Hello Ling,

We are currently working on a Smack extension that supports Jingle standard XEP and supporting for now, Raw-UDP transport.

We are also provinding a JMF media API. And with it you can create an Applet to play audio and/or extends it to play video.

With google´s libjingle I don´t think that will be that easy to create an web app to play sounds and video As it was write in native code.



Hi Thiago,

do you develop an API which allows to use different media backends? It would be nice if one could use the Windows Media Encoder to stream a video or audio file using Spark instead of transfering it using file transfer. WME has a delay of seven seconds so one may not want to use it for p2p-video.

Also the JMF allows to stream files but it has a very buggy implementation and may crash the streaming JRE.

I was working on a SparkPlug to do this in a LAN (no NAT/STUN/… support) but with little support from Derek I froze code and the idea.



Jive´s Jingle API uses layer architecture.

We have Jingle´s Layer to handle Jingle Sessions.

Jingle Transport Layer to handle network.

And Jingle Media Layer to capture and play media (Stream).

And it´s very easy to implement your own media layer or transport layer.

Btw, we are providing basic implementation of the three layers.

Or If you want to change the media layer to another stream library, it should be very easy to be done.