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View avatars

Is there any way to view all the avatars in use by the users through the server? I believe in our system, they are being stored in the embedded database in openfire. We have been informed that there may be a few users that are putting up inappropriate content and are looking for a way to monitor that rather than search for each user.

There is no such option by default. You will have to program such option to retrieve all avatars.

Do you know of a way to accomplish this? How do you access the embedded database directly? I’m most familiar with PHP, but open to other script languages as well.


No, i’m not a programmer. Embedded-db is a bad choice in that case. This db is intended for testing installations, though i’m using it myself in a production. But it is not a normal DB, it is stored in /openfire/embedded-db/openfire.script file in a form of SQL inserts and virtual DB is constructed in a memory every time Openfire starts. I think it would be hard to access this DB via PHP or something like this. Anyway, i suggest to switch to a normal database backend soon, especially if you are going to have similar tasks in future.