Viewing Help and Documentation via HTTP

My install of Wildfire is located at /u01/app/wildfire. The URL for the login page for the login console is located at http://:9090

What is the URL that I use for viewing the stuff located in the /u01/app/wildfire/documentation folder?


The documentation is to be viewed locally. You need to either login to the server and view the files, access them remotely, or copy them out of the archive and view them locally. Therefore the link would be something like file://u01/app/wildfire/documentation/index.html

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So are you saying that they cannot be viewed in a browser? - and can only be viewed using a text editor? I cannot imagine that to be true because these are xml files - and seem to be formatted to be viewed using a browser…

They are to be viewed in a web browser, just not over your http://server:9090/. You have to browse the file system with your web browser (Firefox/IE/Konqeror/etc). The address that you would enter is based on the filesystem path, not on your website path for managing the server. Beyond that, there is a help link in the top right corner of the management website (http://server:9090/) once you login that has a lot of information about administering the server. The documentation directory is mostly for setup and config before you have the server running.

OK - I see the help link now…thanks a lot.

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