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Virtual Domains - planned or not?


I have found several threads about virtual domains support for Wildfire now, but no official information. And I am close to sure that Wildfire does not currently support that feature. I couldn’‘t find it in the issue tracker, so I’'m wondering if anybody has already thought about implementing it. So, is there planned something like it or not? Maybe someone can give me an official response to that so that I know whether I should wait for it or not.

I’‘m currently in the process of evaluating current Jabber servers for a migration from ejabberd 0.7.5. ejabberd 1.1 does support virtual domains and MySQL storage, from what I hear, but it is very complicated to setup for someone who has never read Erlang. By contrast I understand Java and like XML a lot more. I don’‘t know the current status of jabberd2, is it still alive? I really do like Wildfire’‘s web interface, it looks like it can make administration a lot easier. But virtual domains is something I’'d really like to have now.


support for virtual domains is “projected”, and that no JIRA issue was created means that one will have to wait some time (6 month up to n years) to get this feature. If your company wants to sponsor the virtual domain developement then we may get this support much sooner.

This is an inofficial response anyhow