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Virtualbox android xmpp connect

Good afternoon,

I’m connecting with asmack to android and I have a problem, tell me:

xmpperror connecting to

They know that it could be?

Logically the can not be then, that put the public ip?

ignirerealtime runs a server, maybe start with being able to connect to it so you get an idea of how things work. Then I would recommend setting up your own test OpenFire server so that you don’t accidentally cause problems on the igniterealtime server.


You will first need to create an account on the server. This might be more easily done using a client like Spark. Once you created your testing account(s) then try your code to login to that account (instead of pointing at in your code, you would point to xmpp.igniterealtime.org or the ip address/url of your test server).

I have already solved a while, with my metods