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Visitor remains in room forever even connection lost noticed by server

Installed openfire for a test run 2 weeks ago, downloaded the lasted available package.

Everything seems to run well except when visition leave a room without sending out quit message, the user will remain in the room forever, until next service reboot, even at the time openfire may have noticed session lost with the visitor.

I noticed there is a kick user out on idle, but that’'s not what I am looking for. Is there any good way of remove registration in rooms at least on client connection loss?

Is this a policy or mis-configuration of server?

System: windows xp

Anybody can help? Thanks!

After some investigations I found that this happens when after authentication client sends presence directly to the room. Then clients session is considered online but unavailable. In this case server don’'t send directed presences, so zombies remain in MUC server. This was already fixed, but occurred again after last changes in routing table.

Workaround: Try to send

after authentication and all should be fine.

hi joey_mw,

Check out this recent thread:


I’'m seeing the same “problem” too.


Thanks for you guys’’ reply! I am taking off today and will look into the presense solution tomorrow.

Hi Timur,

Thanks! That works!

and solved my another private message issue _




if (authenticated)


loggedIn = true;

send( new Presence( null, null, Presence.AVAILABLE_TYPE ) );