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Visually failed first login to Admin Console (3.8.1)

I have noticed this quite often on my test server and now it has happened in production (upgraded last week). I can’t yet reproduce it, so want to gather more info before filing in JIRA. Usually what happens is that i start Openfire, press my Admin Console bookmark in Firefox (https://jiveserver:9091/). It opens the login window (https://jiveserver:9091/login.jsp?url=%2Findex.jsp) I put ‘admin’ and then ‘password’, hit Enter. Page refreshes and shows login window again, without errors. If i fill that form again it logins correctly. But i have noticed, that you don’t have to login again. It is actually already logged in (if i go to https://jiveserver:9091 again, it will go to Admin Console’s first page). But for some reason page refreshes and shows login window again and do not forward to start page.

Yes, I routinely see this as well.

I don’t know if this is for any help, but i don’t have the problem described above. My setup is OF 3.8.1 and MySQL 5.6.10, all running under windows.

I had this issue also a few weeks ago (OF 3.8.0, MySQL 5.6.10).

After connecting to our corporate LDAP this problem never comes up again. Maybe there is an issue in the authentication methods with mySQL user!?



This begins to annoy me as hell, as i have to login to Admin Console many times per day. OF-669

It seems this issue went away in 3.8.2 (at least on my test server). Maybe this was related to my browser (Firefox) and new version fixed this? Marking the ticket as closed for now.

Fixed in 3.9.2