Voice chat in rooms

How can I provide voice chat in rooms with open fire. I want one user with mic and others listening. The user who want mic will raise hand. Is it possible with openfire + any plug or other server.

Take a look at the section on granting voice in the MUC XEP - http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0045.html#grantvoice. You can grant and revoke voice using XMPP. It’s hard to know exactly how you might want to do it without knowing your app - would there be a moderator in the room who could grant voice for the person who raises their hand?

Thank mikeycmccarthy for reply.

In my client application user will have a option to release the mic. When a user will release the mic. It should automatically passed to next user in que (with hand raised i.e asking for mic). I’m new to XMPP. Is it possible ?

Sounds like perhaps you need a plugin in that case if you’ve got no moderators in the room. What happens though if the person with the mic won’t release it? Or loses their session/logs out etc when they have the mic?

In case of session lost or user is not releasing mic a moderator will shift the mic

If there’s a moderator in the room all the time you could get them to ‘shift the mic’ (grant and revoke voice) using straight XMPP, otherwise if you need to automate it I think you’re going to need to do a bit more, e.g. plugin…

Thanks mikeycmccarthy for your interest.

I this best option is user moderator to shift the mic. What plug is needed in openfire to provide voice in chat rooms. Can u suggest any helping material for this purpose.

That XEP doc has everything in it you’ll need to work out the packets you need to send. Have a look at the API for the XMPP library you’re using for your app - it should have methods in it you can call to grant or revoke voice.

Take a look at this book as well, I’ve found it a good primer for starting work with XMPP - http://oreilly.com/catalog/9780596521271

can you plz suggest me which service i can you with openrire to provide voice in the rooms. can i use asterik on windows server?

As a server Openfire already supports MUC and the ability to grant and remove voice so you shouldn’t need to use anything else on the server. You just need an XMPP client for your moderators to use. Check out PSi, it allows you to click on a user in a room and change their role (assuming you have the privilege).