Voice Chat - Larger Maximum

I am looking for a voice chat solution for my website. I was looking at RedFire but it has a maximum user limit of 12. Video is not a requirement for me but I would like to have a group voice chat of between 25 - 50. Is there any Openfire Addon for this? What solution would you guys recommend?

Use Redfire-Phono from latest version of Redfire and make a jingle call to conference_room@openlink.your_domain. Make sure the user has joined the MUC (group chat) before making the call otherwise the jingle initiate request will be silently rejected.

Otherwise look at the Candy and Jappix plugins. The conference engine in Redfire is the same in the Jappix and Candy plugins and is based on jVoiceBridge which can handle up to 400 concurrent calls on a high spec server.

I have not tested or confirmed this

Will Redfire-Phono allow more than 12 people voice chatting in a single group chat/conference I.E. 1 Room with 30 people all voice chatting together? I was under the impression you can’t have more than 12 people in a single group voice chat?

Also, from my understanding of your reply, If I have a voice chat underway in a chatroom and another user tries to join in that voice chat it will silently fail? I would like people to be able to leave and join the voice chatrooms at their convenience, is this possible?

The audio conference engine in Redfire, Candy and Jappix plugins (Openlink) will allow hundreds of people voice chatting in a single room if your server can handle the mixing load. It is completely different from audio/video chat using red5.

With the red5 audio/video, every room occupant receieves a copy of every other occupant’s audio/video stream. The limitation on bandwidth at the client end (broadband) and the red5 server limits the number of people involved. In practice, you will not get a good user experience with 12 people. Even Skype has the same limitations.

With the audio conference bridge, all audio in a room is mixing before sending a copy to each room occupant. That removes the bandwith limitations, but imposes more work on the server.

I am using an extension to XMPP called Openlink. Look athe Manage Voice Bridge command

http://openlink.4ng.net:8080/openlink/xep-xxx-openlink_15-11.xml#manage-voice-br idge-input

If I have a voice chat underway in a chatroom and another user tries to join in that voice chat it will silently fail

No, What I meant is that the voice bridge is linked to conference rooms. It will not allow you to join a voice conference without being an an occupant of an MUC with the same name. It is a securtiy feature to make sure MUC permissions are also enforced with audio conferences.

As part of this security, you can join an audio conference from an external telephone. If the associated MUC room is pin protected, then you are promted to enter DTMF tones to authenticate.

Thanks for the explanation! I will have to dive in it a bit more to fully grasp what it does but you’ve given me a great starting point and cleared up a bunch of confusion!

Thanks again!