Voice conference in spark


I am using Spark 2.5.8 on Win XP. Can anyone please let me know the process of doing voice conference over spark.



Conference? You mean with more than 2 users? That’s not possible. Yo ucan only do Peer-to-Peer voice chats. If you are chatting with other Spark user you will see a Call button in chat window toolbar (last one in the toolbar). Use that to start a voice chat.

We use the peer to peer to feature of Spark for voice chat. But we would like to know whether there is a way we can extend the voice call for more than 2 users. If there is no way in Spark, Can you please let me know whether there is any other way…I mean can there be a possibility that we can do this through some plugin or extension to Spark or openfire.

And can we expect this feature in Spark in future

I’m not aware of such and i doubt it will be created in near future. It’s more complicated than simple peer-to-peer chat.

Install a red5 plugin on your openfire and in your spark client. there you can have more than 1 voice and video cam… works fine in my network…

I was thinking about Red5, but its description doesnt mention voice conferences. “Flash video streaming” is not very informative. Is it really possible to do triple way or more voice conversation? I understood this as audio/video streaming to a recipients.