Voice conversation between Jabber clients


I need to know if it is possible to create voice conversation session between jabber clients using SMACK API. If not then is there any other java api that can help me?

Thank you


Jivesoftware did or still do want to a support for libjingle to Smack. A completely java based solution would be the Java Media Framework.


There are two Google Summer of Code students working on this.

Did they have any results?

I’'m curious…

After Google SoC, Jivesoftware took over the development. It will be part of Smack 3.0, which will be released in mid-Aug 2006…uhm…sometime 2007.

Hello Shadid,

We are providing a Smack extension to support Jingle, a signaling protocol for multimedia sessions.

You may use, smack with this extension and use a media API. We´re also providing a beta media API that uses JMF for Audio Capturing and RTP stack.

But we are currently under development and doing some hard changes. In a couple of days we´ll release another version. And Demo application.




Two questions- I’'m eager to try out the new Jingle capabilities of WIldfire/Spark/Smack. What versions of each do I need to have to to explore these capabilities?



Hello Dan,

You can use current smack svn version to test. As we know Jingle is a client to client protocol, so wildfire is not strictly necessary to establish a voice session.

So if you wnat to test it with 2 Clients connected direct to internet you may use STUNTransportManager as the trasnsport resolver.

If you´re looking for an example take a look in JingleManager.java class.

To organize your IDE, you can open Smack project and add JingleExtension and JingleMedia modules.