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Voice quality

Yesterday I’ve finally completed installation of Jitsi Videobridge and started testing (as well as Jitsi client). We compared couple of similar solutions like: Lync 2013, Skype, GoToMeeting and unfortunately Jitsi quality is really bad. I realize this is free software but with poor (echo, strange noises) voice is simple not solution for any company. I could leave with problems with video but sound is essential for any communication.

Could you advise if this is something which can be fixed or will be fixed in next release?

I think you are mixing your products and projects.

Please go to jitsi.org to inquire about the Jitsi product roadmap.

If you have audio qualities with Ofmeet running inside Chrome and the Jitsi Videobridge, then I would be interested to know, even though I would still point you however to Google to get them fixed


Thank you for reply.

I don’t really like Jitsi community forum as it is based on e-mail and very defecault to find anything so prefer Openfire.

Yes, the issue is with Google Chrome and ofmeet. On top of voice problem the screen sharing doesn’t work - it redirects me to page with information I don’t use google chrome!!! And sharing PDF tries to do this for ever and ever but I can leave with this opposite to voice quality.

I don’t have voice problems on my Mac. My PC is another story and I generally use a decent quality USB Jabra speaker/microphone with echo cancellation.

As for screen share, read this

Thank you Dale,

Mine problem is - I’m looking for solution for company with over 100 users with different laptops so can’t say microphones and spikes will be very good quality. I compared Lync, Skype, GoToMeet and Videobridge on the same hardware and there is huge difference in quality.

I just wander, do you know any other solution which could be similar to Lync but with good quality? Not necessarily free but for sure not cloud based - I want own server.

For me Lync 2013 is really, really good. I’ve installed it in one company (was quite complex as requires 4 dedicated servers) but final effect is amazing. The problem is price, when you need multi user videoconference (what believe now is a standard) it will cost around 200 Euro per one user license (on top of server licenses and hardware). I believe Microsoft is forcing their Office 365 and this is why the price but I absolutely don’t like clouds so prefer own server.

I had similar issue with remote support software as we used TeamViewer which was kindly ok but this is cloud solution and quite expensive. I found Screen Connect which was installed on our own machine and priced much lower than Team Viewer and to be hones this is a way better. We really do like it. I wish to do the same for Video Conferencing.