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Voice / Video chat using smack 4.3.4

Hello, I am using smack 4.3.4 and want to implement voice and video chat functionality in my android app but did not get any working demo or documentation for smack 4.3.4, any kick start docs or demo would be helpful, Thanks in advance.

Smack does not have support for A/V yet.
However, some building blocks like support for Jingle are there, so if you manage to build an A/V API on top of that feel free to upstream your changes :wink:

As for resources that you might want to look into;
Take a look at those XEPs:

Additionally you want to read up on STUN/TURN and libwebrtc.
I can suggest watching this talk to get more insight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFAMFkZDiv0

Thanks @Paul_Schaub :slight_smile:

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