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Voice/Video Conferencing

Well, the other day, the boss walked up to me and asked, “What would it take to implement video web conferencing in our chat system?” I’'ve been researching it, and I was wondering if you guys have experimented with this at all.

The most likely solution I’'ve found so far is to use a peer-to-peer SOCK5 bytestream, however it may still make sense to route all the traffic through the server because one of the first environments we want to implement webcasting for will have a primary webcast stream initiated at the server, and will allow multiple users to view the stream as well as publish their own stream to all other users (the most important recipient being the people on-site at the server location).

I’'ve also done some searching in the jabber community, but havent seen any open source projects, any recommendations would be most appreciated.


Hmm. I don’'t think using XMPP would be the best protocol to use for large file chunks such as video conferencing. Have you considered using UDP for the transfer protocol and maybe use XMPP to setup the transfer agreement, proxy setup, etc.?

my understanding is that JEP-0065 is designed for that purpose? I’‘m mainly wondering if there are already some opensource projects out there working on this so I don’'t have to duplicate someone elses work.

Some projects exist about merging some work of the Helix community and of the Jabber community. Sounds very interesting.

All the links come from here :


The jabber page on the Helix web site :


Un debut de JEP pour supporte les stream multimedias :


Could be great if everybody was walking in the same direction