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Voices not audible or not transmitting

I have an OpenFire server up and running with the default settings on a blade running Windows XP.

I have two Spark clients connected to the OpenFire server, and they have been added to each other’s respective contact list.

I can initiate a voice call from either client, and the voice call is accepted by the other client without issue. It initializes the call and says that we are connected. However, I cannot hear the voice input from one client on the other client. I am using two sets of Plantronics headsets, with the built in boom mic, and I know these are configured properly because I can use the Windows internal config tool and see the input entering the system. I can also hear the delayed output of my input.

Are there special settings that I need to enable on the server side to enable voice chat? Are there special settings that I need to enable on the client side to enable voice chat? I am using Windows XP and the most recent versions of OpenFire and Spark.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Updated to add: I know the two clients are connected, because I can transmit text messages during the voice call. I just can’t receive or transmit voices.

  • Jeremy

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I’ve enabled the Media Proxy in the OpenFire Admin Console.

I’ve also disabled all firewalls on the two client machines, as well as the server.

I’m hearing some feminine voice in one of the sets of headphones saying something akin to “Trial!” It seems to repeat this every 30 seconds or so. I have no idea if this relates to Spark or OpenFire, or if it’s an artifact from my headphones or something, but I figured I would mention it in case it means anything to someone here.

I’ve been struggling with this for a few weeks now. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Jeremy

Hi Jeremy,

could get a solution to this problem ? I got same problem.

STUN enabled, tcp/udp ports 20k-30k opened on server. all other ports used by OpenFire. Clients in the LAN can voice chat, but outside the LAN can only text chat.