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Vote for JIRA & SVN Access by Plugin Developers

This should count as my vote to the access to JIRA & SVN by plugin developers as suggested in LG’s test - webAuth Plugin.


I don’t create this discussion as a poll because this will hide Daniel’s recently posted What XMPP client do you use most? poll in the Latest poll portlet. That poll should be given some time in the main portlet display. I personally don’t like show-one-poll-at-a-time and the mere “More poll…” link to see more polls in the portlet because it’s very likely that people will ignore the link, and thus don’t vote.

I would suggest a feature upgrade in Clearspace that will show the last few list of polls, which is expandible/collapsible to see the detail poll statistics. In the collapsed state, the list should only show the top-of-the-list-choice for each listed poll.

Hey. I have already hided Daniel’s poll with mine Community members are not very active, or not really interested in polls, or polls section is not visible enough.

Hi Oleg,

I created a poll a couple of days ago and noticed this behavior, so I defer the posting 2 months after Daniel’s date of posting. Actually, I planned to defer it for 1 month but that would make my posting date Sept 11, which I don’t like :-). Anyway, 2 months should be a good duration for a poll. BTW, are you considering voting for JIRA & SVN access?

2 months for a poll… too long for me Maybe Community main page could rotate all active polls and show different one every time you browse to it.

As about voting. I’m not a developer, so i cant say whether it’s really needed. I know why JIRA is closed for simple users and i some what agree with Jive point. It shouldnt be opened for everyone, or anyone who decides to write a plugin. I’m in doubts.


you may want to suggest other poll options and feature requests in the Jive Lounge.

JIRA and SVN should be opened for developers, but only for their plugin. Daniel got access to JIRA and he may probably create also other issues but it’s with all privileges one should care of and creating random issues may cause the loss of them.


We are planning to give JIRA and svn access to a few more people. We’re doing this as part of a bigger effort to put some better bug reporting / patch submission processes in place so that we can get better organized around these contributions. I’m working on figuring out the best way to do it. I should have a doc with some ideas / recommendations for everyone to review sometime in the next week or so.