Vote: I want Fisheye back

Please reply to this thread one time if you also want it back.

One may review the chat transcript - Fisheye will stay down as it consumes too much resources.

Maybe one can limit access for registered users or allow only gzip/deflate-enabled browsers to connect to save bandwidth.


I would like fisheye back as well. It is a crucial tool to help me track who is doing what and what is going on, its how i keep myself up to date.


Same here.

But if this is impossible because of consuming to much resources, then suggest you to try out trac.

Disable wiki and ticketsystem components and it has the same functionality as fisheye but use less resources.


I certainly want it back. =) I used it all the time!

(btw, you may also be able to get cenqua themselves to host the fisheye install, they did for java-jml)

And I hate trac ;D (sorry dna)

I’'ve spent sometime looking at the fisheye docs and have come to some conclusions about some improvements which could be made in order to help performance and help to reduce the bandwidth consumed:

  1. Upgrade Fisheye - The changelog lists several improvements from a performance standpoint, which would be realized by upgrading.

  2. Disable Calendar and/or Line Count - These two properties are listed as improving performance for large repositories when disabled.

  3. Limit access - From a bandwidth standpoint we may limit access to fisheye to forums users with 50 or more status points or something along those lines, this could be achieved by using custom authentication.


Hi Alex!

Couple of things:

  1. Upgrading also improves SVN support quite a bit. =) I got my install upgraded and it’'s been doing quite a good job.

  2. Yeah those are cute but not really necessary.

  3. Hrm. Well, I often like to be able to tell people “you can see some of the changes done here” and point them at the fisheye interface.

I’‘m assuming you all already have the things like watches and such turned off. Sorry to hear it’'s causing so much load though. =/ Sure is a nice tool!

@1: Does Fisheye use the CPU for itself to track the SVN changes or do the user request kill it? If the latter is the case one could run it “nice”.

@2: Ack, and probably limit the number of diffs, more than ten are not really useful.

@3: Limit access to all forum users may help, so the forum guest / anonymous users are kept out. At least the developers should get access to it asap.


Good news guys, Matt just informed me that it will be up and running again soon, and upgraded to the latest and greatest.


It’'s up.


Yay!!! =)

Hi Matt,

this reminds me one time more of one of the home pages I made some sears ago. It has a “Chat” section with static content:

Internal Server Error

Dear Community friends, your assistance is urgently needed here. The chat server always fails with more than 370 users. What could be the reason?

I could update the page and use an AJAX web client as soon as Wildfire supports XEP-0124.