Want a free trip to OSCON or XMPP Devcon?

Want to come to Portland for XMPP Devcon or OSCON without spending money on travel? Have a cheap boss who won’t foot the bill?

If you want Jive Software to pay for your travel, you just need to win the OSCON Trip Give-A-Way Contest by creating the best blog entry about how Clearspace, Jive Forums, Openfire and/or Spark have helped your organization. Your blog should be entertaining and creative while describing how you’ve used Jive software to make your organization better in some way.

All of the details and fine print can be found on the Jive Talks blog.

JWChat already supports the Message Archiving XEP since 2004. Unfortunately, the XEP changed while the code in JWChat is not yet updated so that it is currently not compatible anymore with the XEP. Stefan promised to update his code, but I guess he forgot about this. Also the guy that wrote the Message Archiving module for ejabberd planned to add support for Message Archiving in Kopete (he is involved in this project). Maybe you also can ask them if they forgot about it?

More information can be found on http://ejabberd.jabber.ru/mod_archive#clients Client devels might want to look at the links section

Excellent plug-in.

I wish it the further successful development.

I shall be glad if company Jive Software will be and to inform further on plug-ins under license GPL.

Check the corrected verison for iball:


works with 3.1.1

Any news form XIFF 3 ?

doesn’t seem to work with openfire 3.3.2

jwil: if you provide some more details maybe we can help you

I’ve installed 3.3.2 - and it’s working.

but it may be that i installed it under 3.3.1 and upgraded then to 3.3.2 - i’m not sure about that

No - not necessarily a free trip to OSCON or XMPP Devcon.

For the rest of us the next major Openfire Version (including Debian Support) and the next bugfix release of IM Gateway would be enough

chuckle Well I can’t speak for Jive themselves for Openfire, but I can say that I’m hoping to put out my next release of the IM Gateway plugin soon. There’s one major issue blocking it right now. =/ I actually wanted to put it out 2 weeks ago. Either way, stay tuned in the IM Gateway plugin forum!

As for the free trip, that’s quite cool! =) Good luck to those applying!

i would absolutely love this feature. are there any jabber clients out there that support xep-0136 yet? what good will it do to install the message archiving extension for openfire if no clients can support it?

There is jwchat but unfortunately it only supports an old version of the XEP-0136 so it is not currently not compatible with Open Archive.

If you install the plugin now you (the server admins) can access the archive through the admin console. As soon as we have clients supporting the XEP you will be able to access the archived messages (including those archived before the client supported it).

The main reason to publish Open Archive is to overcome the hen and egg problem: Client developers now have something to test their implementation and I hope motivation for them increases as it will result in a feature directly available to users.