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Want to increase the word section

I is it increase first word piece among the form in jiveRoster to want, Could you tell me that needs how to just realize?

Hey huanran,

Unfortunately I don’'t understand your question. Do you want to change the field size of a field in jiveRoster table? Maybe an example may help us understand better the requirement.


– Gato

I want to increase a handset number in the jiveRoster table the field.

You can understand Chinese?

The jiveRoster table does not store phone numbers information so I don’'t know which field you want to modify. That table keeps track of the contacts in a user roster. If you want to know the phone number of a contact in your roster you can try getting the url=http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0054.htmlvCard[/url] of your contact which may contain phone number information.

If I’'m not answering your question then you can try either giving an example of what you are trying to achieve or you can post your question in Chinese and maybe other people that understands Chinese may translate it to English (or why not Spanish)


– Gato

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My MSN is lhrsoft@hotmail.Com, Your useful MSN? I thought obtains the friend material the time obtains his telephone

number directly

Thanks your help