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Want to rename the gates


i got a problem. My old pyicq-transport got the name icq.xxx.yyy so i can’‘t use the new icq-gate from wildfire with pyicq-t. Thats bad, cause all my user can’'t migrate to ne new gate at the same time. I prefer to rename the new gate to icq2.xxx.yyy or something - but there are is no possibilty of renaming the gateways of wildfire

i can’‘t rename pyicq-t to icq2 without demolish the roaster of all my icq-t users. So why don’'t you integrate the renaming of your transports? I hope you will do


Actually, you can change the name of the IM Gateway plugin transports. It’‘s considered an advanced feature. It also won’‘t “fix things” for you should you ever decide to switch from icq2 to icq. (though, if you are using Spark, it won’'t matter, and if you are using other clients, a simple database tweak in openfires jiveRoster table should take care of it)

Anyway, take a look at:


Look at the bottom where the Plugins stuff is. You’'ll see properties named things like:


Thx, that helps.

I want to give the users a flexible way to use one of the both gates. (but further i hope to can turn off the pyicq-t-gate ).

The roaster modifikation is a good way, but i made a test in the deep night, turned off pyicqt and the icq-gate on. - thats fuckt up my whole roaster. - all icq-contacts were in one “pyicq-t”-group and all offline. the switch-back doesn’'t work. So i helped me with a backup of my roaster…

Actually that’‘s expected (except for the offline part). PyICQt isn’‘t capable of syncing up ICQ groups with your XMPP roster. (that’‘s one of the things I always hated in PyICQt and was pleased to be able to work around in the plugin) There’‘s no notification of group changes to the actual transport with PyICQt. Always irritated me. =/ So PyICQt stores -everything- in the PyICQt Buddies group (or something like that). It does attempt to retain groups that were already there, but it’'s hard to do a good job of it.

Anyway, I don’‘t know what to tell you about everyone being offline because that shouldn’'t have happened, but the PyICQ-t Buddies thing is an artifact of PyICQt.