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We love Smack: please help us fix a Recurring Reconnect Issue

Hi Everyone,

We love Smack and cannot imagine how we could build an XMPP client without it. Chat is critical to our app so we need it to be reliable. However, we are facing this issue once the phone is in flight mode or switched off for many hours.

Smack was connected and then I switched off my android phone and switched it on again after 8 hrs then opened the app. Initially, I got an XMPP connected, but then soon after, there were Connection Close on error messages as you will see in the image attached. Please see the image from Bottom Up.

Technical Details

  • Smack version used : 4.2.0
  • Samsung Android phone
  • OS 8.0

Attached screenshot of logs for reference

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Note that information about professional support and services can be found at https://github.com/igniterealtime/Smack#professional-services