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We need Mac-OS 10.7+ Bamboo Agent


Our current bamboo installation uses a Mac Mini kindly provided to us by Jive. Unfortunately, it runs 10.6 and therefore does not appear to support Java 7. I want to get all our bamboo agents running java 7, so we can migrate all codes to it. Any community folks have a 10.7+ capable host with good internet connection that they would be willing to donate to this task?


Hello Daryl,

Is the issue the Mac Mini is not compatible with OSX 10.7+ (f**g apple) or is it simply not running OSX 10.7+ ? Current OSX release appears to be 10.8.2.


I don’t believe our Mac Mini is capable of running 10.7


I stand by my original comment of “f**g apple” then…

just to be certain Daryl, you can check compatibility by:

The model identifier, also known as Machine ID, can be found in Apple menu -> About This Mac -> System Information or More info. The following Macs with 10.6.8 or later, 2GB of RAM, and 8 GB of hard space (presumably an additional 15% of free hard disk space will be beneficial as has always arbitrarily been found in the past) are able to upgrade to Mac OS X 10.8:

iMac 7,1 and later

MacBook 5,1 and later

MacBook Pro 3,1 and later

MacBook Air 2,1 and later

Mac Mini 3,1 and later.


Thanks Jason. I only have SSH access to this machine, but will try to figure it out for sure. It does appear to have 2GB of memory.

Excellent. I will donate the purchase of OSX 10.8.x if it is compatible. Let me know. Thanks.

Sadly the machine is too old.

Model Identifier: Macmini1,1

Processor Name: Intel Core Duo

Options are:

  1. I have a mini (Macmini3,1; Core 2 Duo 2.0 Ghz) that will run 10.7 (but not 10.8) which I’m happy to donate
  2. Jive may donate a current mini?
  3. other suggestions?

I’lll be checking with Jive’s IT department about providing a current mini so we aren’t as likely to be out of date again soon.

this would be amazing benjamin! short of dropping mac support… i think your other two options are the best bet since integrating j7 going forward is a must.

Follow up on this. Jive IT has a Mini for us and is waiting on a 4GB RAM upgrade for it. It will run OS X 10.8 and Java 7.

I hope to have it next week to prep and ship to Contegix, our colo facility.


benjamin, you’re amazing!

Sorry for the delay on this. Something got confused in the request. I’ve got a follow up discussion going on internally. I’ll post back when I’ve got the machine in hand and ready to ship. :slight_smile:

It’s taken longer than I wished, but today I shipped a newer Mac Mini to the Contegix colo faclity. It has OS X 10.7 and Java 1.7.

Daryl and I have been in communication and he’ll be configuring the Java 1.7 build agent once the new machine is in place.

I expect it to arrive Friday, May 17.

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Contegix has just installed the new Mac Mini. I am SSH’d in I write this.

Daryl, feel free to setup the build agent anytime!

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