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Weather info, alerts, etc. via XMPP

OK…I’‘ve seen, even within the past couple of days, several references in various threads about weather information being delivered via Jabber/XMPP, so I wanted to pop a new thread up here to try to get peoples’’ attention on it.

I’'m working with, and have some rudimentary beginning of, a bot to deliver weather alerts and information (and was just looking at the possibilities with Amber Alert information, which also mentioned in a thread just a minute ago). Obviously, I think it makes sense to try to get some organization happening around these things.

So, let me put a call out to anyone interested in work along these lines to connect with me via XMPP. My preferred jid for this is jmcadams@appriss.com

On a tangent: is it possible for the forums to allow me to specify presense and status information for use in the forum from my own xmpp server? I use xmpp quite a bit, but I really have no real desire to sign up yet another xmpp account on the jivesoftware.org system just to get presense information on my forum entries.


Hi Jeff,

Wifi does now offer pubsub and you want to write a bot to offer weather information?

A bot which sends alerts using Smack is very easy to write, getting the input and the person to inform is usually much harder than the technical stuff to create and deliver a message.


Yes, one of the things that I want to work on in the very near term is publishing to pubsub, but as I’‘ve just gotten started writing the software, and I’‘m very much not a software developer by trade, I won’'t exactly have anything useable for a little while, yet.

I have a pretty good source to get the weather data, so that hurdle is accomplished. Unfortunately, its not, yet, in a format that is easily ingested and manipulated. That’'s be worked on, though.

Mostly, I figured it would be good to get some communication going with people to try to avoid too much duplication in effort.