Web admin client from another computer on the LAN

I have been searching …but can not find…

I would like to access the web admin client from another computer on the LAN … is this possible, if so how ?


Sure, I’m managing my machine completely remote, it’s a virtual machine, without any monitor or keyboard.

Just ensure Ports 9090 and 9091 are open in your local firewall.

More specifically you need to go to the web address of the server by its domain name or ip address followed by the ports of 9090 or 9091. For example: http://chatserver.domain.com:9090 or The 9091 port is for SSL communication so you would need to lead off with a https://

do wired or wireless matter?

when you say you open ports, is the ports on the router or the fire wall ?

after checking Network Connections Server machine

  • Both connections have firewall off as I am trying to get this to work -

Internet Connection

Local Area Connect

Okay I got access


however, this did not work …

It does not matter which network connection you choose to use (wired or wireless). You need only configure the server first directly on the server or via an SSH tunnel. You can then access the server admin page remotely from any machine that is on your network or off of it if you are routing it to external addresses. You need to make sure there are no firewalls either on the server or on the network that would block the ports needed to manage the server.

If you are using server 2003 with the latest security fixes the loopback address is not allowed anymore. Don’t know why but all my machines have that issue now.

I am assuming you mean you were trying the address from the server itself as that cannot be accessed remotely at all that is the local nic address only.