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We just installed the product and it looks great guys. Thank you! Yet as greedy users as are, here is a request or a question. Is there a web based client for the wildfire? Basically we don’t want to open our wildfire server to the world and want to include it on a web page behind some kind of authentication… Any suggestions?

Hi Hany,

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As of this date, there isn’'t any web based client made by Jive specifically for Wildfire. However, there are external efforts to develop web clients for Jabber. There are at least a couple of threads which might help you find your answer:



Hope that helps.

There is also a Jivesoftware client for group chat, you can test it here: http://www.jivesoftware.org/group-chat.jsp

It’'s bundled with the forum and thus a commercial application.


I’'m aware about the web chat client, LG. But Hany was specifically asking for web based client, not web chat or group chat client

One of the more mature options available is JWChat (http://jwchat.sourceforge.net/). However, I am not sure how well it scales for upwards of 100-1000 users hitting one web server.

It’'s actually very nontrivial to create a full-featured AJAX client that scales well and provides a user experience close to an applet/java web start app. Your best bet may be to write your own applet.


Have you looked at Jeti ( http://jeti.jabberstudio.org/ ). It is also available as an applet.