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Web Based Multi-User Chat

I have been playing with the JSJaC library for simple web based 1-to-1 communication. I wanted to also create a simple web application for group chat. I have taken a look at Muckl, but it is very limited. Is there any JavaScript solution that will allow for creation of chat rooms, joining rooms, changing role, etc? It seems that Muckl is only good for joining a room that already exists and that is open to anyone. Does anyone have examples of how to work with MUCs in JavaScript?

If necessary, I could drop into Java/Smack for chat room creation and destruction, but I would need to use JavaScript for everything else (joining/leaving a room, sending invites, sending messages). Sorry that I haven’t fully read the XEP on multi-user chat, but would sending messages be the same as sending a message to another user, but refenceing the name of the chat room instead? If so, then all I really need to know is how to join a MUC and send invites.