Web Browser Screen Pop

It would be great to have the incoming call alert provide a clickable URL in the format of http://localhost/incomingcaller.php?�llerid% with the %callerid% variable being replaced with the Asterisk-IM plugin of course.

It would be important that this would be a clickable link to open a URL and not have it do that automatically. If the user decides they are not taking the call their web browser should not pop the URL.

Here’'s a post on another thread where I mentioned this.


And here’'s the screen shot of the part that would have the clickable URL




Should have spell checked.

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This requires a change at three places, Server, the Jabber protocol extension

and the IM plugin.

But sending just a normal IM message with the link (configurable) is quite

easy. What about that?



Yes indeed that would work perfectly!.


I would really love to have this too !