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Web chat Bar

Now I have one more issue… I need a web chatbar…(something like it remains in bottom of the browser… ) i found one ijab… but it does not work with openfire… Similar that the one you have in your browser after loggin on to communities…

Can someone help me.


and thanks in advance

My setup is windows 2008 server with MSsql… AND iiS

Try Jappix minichat

http://community.igniterealtime.org/blogs/ignite/2011/07/23/jappix-minichat-with -openfire

thanks for your quick responce… But i dont know what to do with that html file… Also i downloaded jappix from google code… and i installed the plugin… I see the first page… but i cant login.

I was looking at integrating jappix mini with our intranet… But difficult to understand where to start from


And thanks again in advance.


i think there is problem in openfire bosh. I cant connect to http://myserver:port/ht/myserver:port/http-bind

yes but i can see http://myserver: p/myserver:poort it shows openfire http-bind… I even tried with jappix… Someone please help on urgent basis

use http://myserver:port/http-bind/

You need the the trailing slash (at the end)

I tried that in jappix mini… It is not working…it just says error at the chat box on browser… and when i click on error it takes me to grandmother can solve page of jappix.

Also when i type http://myserver:port/http-bind in browser it says bad request…port number is 5280. server is localhost … And where do i use that… your minichat.html does not have any of that to insert… I have loaded jappix for open fire… and i can access it from http://myserver:port/jappix so i put that in mini.html… Where do i insert the line for http-bind… which file


dele my friend…

I got the ijab working… Though the funny way…I just configured the HTML file and Config file and put them in jappix folder… now i access that file via openfire. http://myserver:5280/japix/iJab.html and i am through… It just starts working…

Now the funny problem…I think the product is not working on IIS… When i configure the same folder on iis

and use http://myserver/ijab/iJab.html it does not login… It shows loading… to your surprise i have mapped the same folder (jappix) which is there in plugins folder at openfire… Which means the same config is working with httpserver builtin with openfire… and not working with IIS… Dele your help was indeed the best … Can you please see if you know the issue…



Great of your Help

I have managed to integrate ijab with IIS and openfire on windows platform also using ijab in our asp app…

I would like to document it if you want… The fundamental is really simple…It needs URL rewrite 2.0 and application request routing 2.5 on IIS 7… You can install this VIA the web platform installer of microsoft.

Install openfire… do the config you want…

First Enable http_bind in openfire… and remember the port Number default is 7070 , I have used 5280

then add this lines to your web.config

And miracle happens…

Also to bring to your notice…Ijab works only when the host and the port value given in the config file matches with the URL you are entering to access your intranet

So if your ijab config file says

host = host.xyz.com

port = 80

so your

http_bind = http://host.xyz.com/http-bind/

Now since url is rewriten to your openfire http_bind… it Works like miracle… Now i just have to insert scripts in my ASP files for chat to start working in openfire…

Thanks again for your help… If you are interested and want me to contribute some documentatio on this …Then please let me know… What i have mentioned here should be enough to start Ijab on IIS with openfire as xmpp server…

Love you

You are welcome

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