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Web Chat not working - Any other options for Fastpath?


I have been trying to set up an Openfire server with a chat queue function. I heard Fastpath was the way to go since we already use Spark on our Openfire server. It wouldn’t start when I installed it, so I searched, and found that it works with Openfire 4.1 (not 4.0). So I installed Openfire 4.1 and reloaded the plugin, and sure enough Fastpath is there, working like a charm. However…

The next piece of the puzzle seems to be adding a web chat function for users to queue in. I can’t seem to find any way to use Fastpath except for using a web chat. And unfortunately, it looks like Openfire’s webchat has not been updated in a very long time, and the files that I was able to come across don’t work with 4.1 (only with 4.0). If I upload webchat.rar to Openfire 4.0 and go through setup, it finishes without issue, but there are no groups without Fastpath. If I do the same in Openfire 4.1, during setup I get “HTTP Error 500” with “Problem accessing /webchat/setup-index.jsp. Reason - Server Error” and the setup never completes.

So currently, I can load webchat with Openfire 4.0, OR I can load Fastpath with Openfire 4.1.

Let’s say I stick with Openfre 4.1 and a working Fastpath plugin. Is there anything else I can use to get my users into it? The workgroups and Spark plugin are all working properly. But how do I get my users to the agents??

Current Setup - Openfire 4.1.0 Alpha; Fastpath Service 4.4.0; Fastpath Webchat 4.0.2

For anyone interested, I was able to get Fastpath Webchat to complete the setup by enabling Anonymous Logins under Registration & Login on my Openfire install. Maybe it was enabled by default in 4.0? At any rate, I am now using Fastpath Webchat successfully. However if there are any alternatives, I would still like to see someone answer that part.

I don’t think anonymous login was enabled by default for any version. Have you tried disabling it now after you have finished the setup. Is it still working then?

As you have found out yourself, Webchat part hasn’t been updated in ages (almost the same with Fastpath plugin itself) and it doesn’t seem it will get any updates. So you won’t get many (or any) answers.

It was the default option before specifically for Fastpath. I was very aware of the change very recently and pointed out the potential support issue it would create Using fastpath from a web client is straightforward with the Strophe javascript library. See the example in Openfire Meetings