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Web Instant Messenger Chat Server: Smack 3.1 GoogleTalk implementations


I am working on Instant Messenger Chat Server, which would allow number of users log in their instant messengers at one place- web based application.
Instant Messengers: GoogleTalk, Yaho & MSN.
Develpoment is in java.
Needed assistance in the following:

1) Interested in using Smack 3.1 for GoogleTalk connection.
Can some one provide all functionality implemented GoogleTalk Messeger like: login, contact list- presence changed, send message, receive message etc.

2) according to my knowledge: each logged in user, requires instant messeneger connection with GoogleTalk, Yaho & MSN.
Every connection consumes one port on the server.
Can I use a common connection (Listener) for all logged in users to a give messenger.
Objective is to use single port for each messenger like Yahoo, MSN, GoogleTalk.

  • Any limit to the number of users getting online from a single IP on any messenger.
    Appreciate an early response.*

  • Thanking you