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Web link to start Spark Chat

Is there a way so that we can link a user so when clicked, will start a spark chat instance with him/her directly from the web?

You may have seen these on the web for most other chat programs - I’‘m wondering if there’'s something similar for Spark.


Patience my friend.

I did find this. Google is your friend…


Maybe this can be incorporated during the install.


xmpp:user@example.com should, if it is a link, open the default jabber client if one is installed.

Or do you want to open a web-chat for users without a browser, like Spark Fastpath?


Thanks guys - your answers helped.


I am looking for to provide link of Chat in which I should be able to give link with directly my ID in chat.

Currently I am providing general link of chat in which customer is not able to reach to the Technical team who is attending that particular customer.

So can I have such link which my technical team member can provide directly to the corresponding customer.

xmpp:user@example.com does seem to work… it would be ideal if additional parameters could be specified, such as xmpp:user@example.com?message=Hello …