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Webb klient Libraries for ASP.net

I want to create a Webb klient to connect to my Open-server.

Iam coding in asp.net language C#. Are there any Libiaries for C#?

Are there any Examples how to create something like Google Gmail webbsite?


libraries may be found here: http://xmpp.org/software/libraries.shtml#c



Have you used it?? Are they easy to udnerstand?

Do they have samples?

  • agsXMPP SDK
  • IP*Works Internet Toolkit
  • jabber-net
  • MatriX
  • SoapBox Studio
  • Ubeity

Which of these should I use?? The best one?

any diffrences? someone tested?

I’m currently using jabber-net. It’s fairly easy and pain free to use, and there is a discussion group over at google groups and google code. There are some drawbacks though, like not supporting avatars. But for your basic XMPP stuff it’s great.

agsXMPP SDK seems like a mature and well written product. We just finished creating a custom C# application using agsXMPP SDK with Openfire 3.6.4. This supports most XMPP client functions out of the box. Coding was quite simple as well and the SDK had good documentations and samples.

The only issue we experianced was limitations of SSO with active directory. As per agsXMPP support, they are actively working on adding SSO in the SDK for enterprise clients.

agsXMPP sales and support guys were very helpfull answering our questions via email and over the phone. I belive they have both free and commercial per developer license avilable.

The only time you will need license if you are planning to use agsXMPP in your own product.