Webbased jabber client

I have been running my wildfire server for over a week now and everything seems te running smoothly.

I have been toying around with jwchat and created a new skin etc etc.

But I have a major problem with big client rosters. (there was some discussion going about this on the jwchat forum on soundforge, but the activity is real low and I’'m waiting for a reply)

In the meanwhile I would like to see if there are other options I could consider. I’'m looking for webbased clients. (no java or flash)

Also are there people here that started on creating a webbased client using the following php class:


It is the base of the centova webclient http://www.centova.net this is a nice webclient only It gives a lot of problems when connection to a wildfire server. Centova will only support jabberd1.4.

If you guys know of any other great webclients I could try please let me know.


there are also some flash clients. JWChat and MUCkl are HTML / AJAX based and require JHB, all available here: http://zeank.in-berlin.de/


I already got jwchat running, that isn’'t the problem.

but it doesn’'t seem to like big rosters. It times out, you need to press continue script a couple of times untill entire roster is loaded after that all works fine