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Webchat current status, what is best to use?

I used a long time ago the webchat.war to add webchat functionality combined with openfire/fastpath.

Is this still the way to go? Because this https://github.com/igniterealtime/Fastpath-webchat looks old.
Furthermore I have still an old server running this webchat.war, is there a way to have it point to a different openfire server ip. It looks like it defaults to the same host, and I have my newly installed openfire/fastpath on a different ip.

Or is there a simple solution like this https://candy-chat.github.io/candy/ that runs on openfire? (This was has a bit to much features for just simple webshop chat support)

Webchat is not developed for many years and doesn’t work with new Openfire versions, therefore it was removed from official plugins page.

There is Candy plugin for Openfire (you will find it in the list of plugins).

Do you know by any chance if this Candy can do some simple chat function like this? I guess if I switch to Candy this fastpath is then also not necessary anymore?

Yes, Candy is just a simple room chat, no fastpath queues support.

I am not sure (correct me if i am wrong), but looks like webchat has still some unique features.
Do you have an estimate on the amount of hours to fix webchat to get it to work with 4.2.2?

I don’t know what exact features webchat had (never used it). It probably supports some part of Queues (like asking question form, forwarding queue to a free agent, etc.). I’m not a developer and can’t say how much work needs to be done to make it compatible. Frankly, i don’t think there is anyone knowing this without making a thorough investigation as webchat is really an ancient plugin now.