Webchat installation on Apache Tomcat- How to Change port#?

As listed in a previous thread. I could not run the webchat on port 443. After a BUNCH of trial and error, I finally have Apache Tomcat working and the webchat.war file copied. I can access the http://localhost:8080/webchat and it looks the same as if I click the TOOLS button insite the FastPath tab in the OpenFire admin console… Cool right? Well… now I’m trying to figure out how to change it from port 8080 to port 443… I’ve tried stopping the service, edit the server.xml file then start the server… I can’t connect to 8080 or 443 after that. Does anyone have experiance making this work on a different port?

Many Thanks!

OK, OK… So I used a port that was already in use by the server… I did do what these instructions say, then strangely found them later to be correct. But I guess you can’t use 443 if the server is already listening for spark connections on that port. DUH. Here’s the instructions in case anyone needs them. To use port 443 I would need to run Tomcat on a different server not using port 443 for anything.

To change this, open the file:


and search for ‘8080’. Change it to a port that isn’t in use, and is greater than 1024, as ports less than or equal to 1024 require superuser

access to bind under UNIX.

Restart Tomcat and you’re in business. Be sure that you replace the “8080” in the URL you’re using to access Tomcat. For example, if you change the

port to 1977, you would request the URL http://localhost:1977/ in your browser.