Webchat plugin

I have installed fastpath 4.3.1 on openfire 3.10.0 openfire and it works fine.

But I cannot install webchat for it.

After a lot of ado, since the webchat on plugins page has a non working .war, I finally made some progress and successfully was able to see the plugin in the plugins page by using this .war webchat re-compiled for openfire 3.7.0 :

But then on http://chat.yourgenieapp.com:9090/webchat/setup.jsp I got a 500 error page:

Problem accessing /webchat/setup.jsp. Reason: JSP support not configured

On :7070 I was getting 404.

Also, the war in Fastpath Webchat fails to install is a 4.0.2 version but that gives me an issue that this will work only for openfire-enterprise. However, I give my community openfire server URL only and the process completes but when I click on the button, I get an error

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