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Webchat with authentication

Can anyone help me please,

Everything is working fine with my fastpath webchat setup except when I restrict access to registered Openfire users. The following happens:

The user/client requests help and is prompted with the Login Form to input Name, Email, Password and Question, then hits “Start Chat” and immediately recieves the error message “Authentication Failed” even though authentication actually took place given that the agent recieves a chat request in the queue.

I’ve seen a solution/patch which involved recompiling java code… (http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/37508?tstart=0) my programming skills are relatively basic so recompiling the code isn’t a solution for me :frowning: can anyone help me with a compiled version of this patch to try out?

Any help would be appreciated.

José Carlos Oliveira

I have got the same problem. Really is a big problem.