WebMeet: Enabling website visitors to chat and meet with teams using Openfire

A new project called WebMeet has been added to the Ignite Realtime Coumunity. It allows visitors to a web site to chat directly with members of a work group or team in a multi-user chat (MUC) through an integrated web client (converse.js). The web component can be customised and re-branded with HTML/CSS.

It embeds converse.js in the web site to handle the messaging with Openfire and depending on the configuration, it can open a browser tab for a video-conference using Openfire Meetings or a telephone conference call using FreeSWITCH Verto Communicator.

For a demonstration vist here

Feel free to customise it and use it to add Openfire powered communication to your web applications, local intranets and coporate web sites.

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I need some guidance to use this project.

I try to configure WebMeet on my own openfire 3.2.4 server which is on a separate host.
I’ve substitute all mentions of ‘location.hostname’ with openfire hostname in webmeet/config.js and /jitsimeet/config.js but i can’t acces to the login form. The window stays grey.

Is there any plugins pre-requesites to use WebMeet or additionnal config ?
I only runs ofmeet.

Look at your browser console log for any error messages. That might help in identifying the problem. Does your openfire server allow anonymous user connections. It is disabled by default.