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Webpage user registration

I want to integrate IM into a website, so I want it to only be possible to create new userse from the webpage so that when a new user registers it automatically creates a jive user account in addition to a website account. The site is made with ruby on rails so I don’'t think the jsp webregistration plugin would work. I was thinking maybe the way is to make a jive plugin that can register new users if it receives an authentication code and the ruby userregistration script could send the authentication code + username and password to the jive plugin when a new user registers. Does that seem like a reasonable way to do it, or is there a better way?

you might want to try the DEV forum for this. Its a little to hypothetical for a support question.



Never mind, I got it working now.

Hello bobob,

Can I request you to please share your solution with me as I have a similar developmental issue. I have one way of working around with this i.e. using the PHP Jabber Class. Would like to know if there is a better/faster method.