Website needs registration tweaking and email address for contact

I hope Benjamin will read this and answer if this is possible. I have filed a couple of tickets for the website: WEB-16, WEB-17. Registration form is asking too much information and we also need some email for visitors to contact site administration.

I’ve replied to WEB-16 with basic instructions on how to adjust profile field info.

Regarding WEB-17 and other request in general; I must ask that you direct these requests to others. Daryl has knowledge of the email system. In fact, there already is an admin list of sorts. Guus (and others) have already been involved in modifying the website. So, none of that requires me.

One thing I do plan to continue helping with is the Community SBS software itself. It’s such a crazy monster. In fact, I will try to upgrade it this weekend to the latest version which includes many bugfixes.

Ok. Thanks for you answer and sorry for bothering you with that Will try to contact Daryl or Guus about that.