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Website updates coming tomorrow!

Hey all,

Wanted to give everyone a heads-up that we’'re deploying some website changes tomorrow to go along with many, many project updates. This was a fairly quick re-design, with the goals of:

  • Better information organization

  • Improved content – an actual features list for Jive Messenger!

  • A nicer look and feel.

I attached a screen shot of the new Jive Messenger page (in progress) as an example.



Looks great!

looks clean though i prefer light blue color

That’'s cause you are always blue! :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’'t wait!

I prefer light colors, so they are not distracting you. I may sound a bit conservative but this brown color looks too heavy to me and to my eyes Will have to get used to it.

and my favorite color is BLACK give me a BW version

I really like the new design

Nice work