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Websockets Openfire 4.5.1 and open meeting

It seems the latest update of open meetings broke websockets and http-bind. If I remove open meeting and use just the old Openfire WebSocket plugin it works (http-bind works again without this, but pade doesn’t until I install websocket plugin). This was working until the open meeting update. It breaks Inverse as well as Pade. It seems any clients using http-bind or web sockets break with the open meeting plugin.

The problem is stream management in openfire. Latest jifco (offocus) uses stream management which has been broken with websockets for a while now.

You have a few options

  1. use openfire nightly build 4.6.0 alpha that has a fix
  2. disable stream management in openfire
  3. disable websockets in ofmeet
  4. fall back to old websocket plugin that does not have stream management. Not sure if it would work

I can try the nightly build. Do I have to reinstall or does it upgrade from 4.5.1?

The nightly build 4.6.0 alpha worked.