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Weird issue

Ok… I’‘m running Wildfire on Red Hat Professional (not sure of the version… it’‘s a shared box… I have root access via SSH but have no clue how to get it to print the currently running version). Anyway, this morning my iChat decided to disconnect from my WF server… I loaded up FireFox and went to the admin console to see if everything was still running and was presented with the setup page as if the server had never been setup. Now, I know it had been since I was previously connected to it. Anyway… I went through that again, but when it came time to log into the admin console at the end it took me right back to the 1st page of setup. Figuring that there was an issue I SSHed in and killed the process and restarted the server, which worked, but I’'m wondering if this is a bug or an isolated case.



do you still have the log files? There you should see some errors you may want to post here if they are not self-explaining.