Hello all,

We’‘re happy to announce the release of Spark, a free, cross-platform IM client. We’‘re quite proud of the initial release – it has a great UI and strong feature set. Still, there’‘s a long way to go and we’'re eager to hear all of your feedback so that we can incorporate it into upcoming releases.

We’'ve also setup a public issue tracker. The best way to report bugs and feature requests is in the forums – a developer will then file an issue based on your report.

Finally, don’‘t forget to check out the free Spark Manager plugin – it’'s a great help in organizations that need to manage the clients being used in a more seamless way.




Congratulations! The UI looks great on windows

I was developing a client myself but u guys are way ahead. Hope to pick up some ideas from ur implementation.

keep up the good work!

Congrats! I just needed to post

Thanks for the good work!

Just want to say, Thank You for all your hard work!!!

with a little delay, but congrats from me too Looks nice, not exactly what we need… YET Cause i already know you are working fast and i think Spark can make us throw away Exodus in a near future. So be sure to get a lot of feature requests from me

hi matt,

congratulations to this great client. This is what the jabber/xmpp community needs to move forward with xmpp and convince all the other im users to switch to xmpp.

A nice looking and easy to use client, and not blown with features nobody needs


A nice looking and easy to use client, and not blown

with features nobody needs

hey, i need features

im sure that you will get lots of features once the API is public and developers write plugins.


A plugin for every single feature? Dont like such concept. Well, Gaim has some plugins bundled in installation package, and this approach is more convinient. Dont really want to play with bunch of plugins, especially if using Spark Manager to update all clients remotely.


I agree that too many plugins isn’‘t the best. I like plugins for more specialized functionality. In any case, we plan to let Spark Manager be able to distribute plugins to clients as well, so that shouldn’'t be a problem.