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WF2.5.1/Spark1.1.3 - Online users don''t show up as online in roster

I have setup a client with Wildfire 2.5.1 and Spark 1.1.3 using Active Directory LDAP for users, authentication, and groups. The users can login, but other online users only show up in the offline group. Sometimes if you let it sit for an extended period of time, other online users show as online in their respective group. Other times online users never show as online. Yet other times other online users instantly show as online.

It doesn’'t matter whether the user is a Windows admin or not. Also, LDAP SSL is not being used.

If you need to look at the Wildfire logs, I will need to email them since some of them contain user id’'s.

I am having a similar problem, with Wildfire version 2.5.0 and Spark version 1.1.2.

It appears to actually be broader than that for me, though, as some users that show as online are not showing up in all the right groups…and some people in certain shared groups are not showing up at all in some people’'s rosters.

It seems like some of the groups are simply not working properly, and I’‘m not sure whether it’'s a client-side or server-side issue, but it appeared as soon as I started using Active Directory as my user DB.

I would greatly appreciate any possible help on this issue, and will be happy to provide any information I can to help fix it…

Timothy Collett