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Whack and OSGi

Hi all,

we’re developing an XMPP component connector for our OSGi-based middleware.

We’ve found the same problems encountered by others in this forum that the build script creates an incomplete jar file.

But the biggest problem lies in the class org.dom4j.io.XPPPacketReader especially in our environment.

We have another bundle that export org.dom4j and org.dom4j.io packages, thus creating a problem for that class as it is looked in another bundle and not in the whack one (resulting in NoClassDefFound errors thrown in constructor of ExternalComponentManager).

We have solved the situation moving the class to a different package, noticing that whack seems to use only the “parseDocument()” method of that class. XPPPacketReader was placed in org.dom4j.io package, because it needed classes “private” to that package (DispatchHandler), but atm it seems that whack doesn’t need that class to work.